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Do you have a small business and/or are looking for more fans on your facebook page?  I occasionally host multi vendor giveaways.  Sometimes I require you to donate a prize, other times the prizes are Paypal Cash.

I am hosting a spring Multi Vendor Prize giveaway April 23rd - 25th.  Will take up to 30 sponsors total. First come first serve. If you are intersted in being a guest sponsor and have 20K+ fans please let me know. Cost to sponsor is $10. You are required to donate a prize with a minimum retail value of $20. You must post about the giveaway on your page daily. I reserve the right to remove you without notice if I find that you are not doing your part. 

You can expect to gain around 500ish new fans give or take. (every giveaway is different)

To sign up please fill out this form

Want info on future giveaways hold by me and other awesome business pages please join my networking group

I also run daily mini giveaways. I start them around 3 pm PST (west coast time) and end them around 8 pm PST.  I charge a small fee of $5.  I post on my page that there is a flash giveaway going on for your page and tell them what you have donated ($15 min value) and instruct them to like your page and mine to be eligible to enter, then like and comment on the status to enter to win.  I will pick a winner and tag them on my page and instruct them to contact you to claim their prize.  You can expect to gain 50-200ish new fans by sponsoring a mini giveaway.

I run these 3-4 times a week.  I will contact you within a couple weeks to schedule a date to hold the giveaway.

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  1. Definitely want in on next round robin Kristen :D